our grasstory

we started underground

Three generations ago, Dan Tomen began by growing wheatgrass on trays in his basement. After a customer reacted to the mold from the trays he shifted to growing outdoors. 

Since then we've been growing our wheatgrass outdoors in fields for a clean, sun-sweetened taste that will redefine the way you experience wheatgrass juice.

we grew

Dan's daughter Carroll came along side him and together they grew the business from a small corner of Canada across North America.

The whole time keeping the focus on quality, freezing the juice to safeguard the live chlorophyll, enzymes and nutrients found in our juice.

we're still obsessed

Since the early days of our revolutionary shift to growing outdoors we've been focused on spreading the knowledge that wheatgrass can taste GOOD.

It's amazing how time in the sun and a more mature plants contributes to a juice with less sugar, and a smooth taste lacking the signature bitterness wheatgrass has been known for.