No trays, no Fuss

Just Wheatgrass.

We've sealed in the best that wheatgrass has to offer.

Wheatgrass is an incredible source of chlorophyll, but getting live chlorophyll can be a challenge. 

With our frozen wheatgrass we preserve the nutrients, and chlorophyll making it easy to get your daily dose without having to worry about making it to the juice bar.

How it works...


Each box comes with individually packaged servings. Simply cut off one serving at a time, thaw it in cool water, pour it out into a glass and enjoy!


1. Select your serving size.

Cut between the pouches while they are still frozen.







2. Thaw under refrigeration

Thaw overnight in your fridge or by running the pouches under cool water. 








3. Shake vigorously

The contents may have settled after thawing.









4. Hold upright & cut to open













5. Pour & enjoy right away!


by the ounce

in a smoothie

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