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Natural Holiday Decor

Recently I've fallen in love with natural holiday decor. (Essentially using items found in nature/on your property to decorate your home for the holidays.) It's eco-friendly, often smells lovely, and adds a bit of rustic flair. I've listed a few examples with instructions to help make your home merry and bright this holiday season.

"Winterize" Your Existing Decor

Those lanterns you used in the summer and autumn? Keep them out! Just add some winter foliage, pine cones, or berries to the space where you lantern is displayed and it's instantly holiday ready. You can also add these items to any window ledge, bookshelf, or end table. There are a lots of options!

Make a Wreath

Again, using foliage near your home you can make some very tasteful wreaths. Wreaths look great on your door, on a shelf, or even as decor around candles. If you're a beginner you can try this wreath. If you're a veteran this DIY is very elegant and easy to change up with the seasons.

Practical, yet Artful

Do you have practical items that have to be in your home? Firewood is a great example. Stacking firewood artfully can add to the rustic charm of your home and is perfect for the holidays. You can also do this for fruit/veggie bowls, coffee stations, etc.

These are just a few ideas on how to use natural items for your holiday decor. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

Happy decorating!

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