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Healthy Summer Snacks

I find in the summer I am more prone to snacking, especially when it is really hot outside. To try and curb some of my bad snacking habits (mostly chocolate, ice cream & chips) I have come up with a list of easy healthy alternatives. My definition of "easy" involves minimal preparation and similar convenience to processed snack foods. To be honest though, the greatest challenge for my healthy snacking is changing my mindset from what can I have right now to what does my body need right now? We're all works in progress.

Happy snacking everyone!


Summertime is berry harvest time. Once washed and placed somewhere easily accessible, berries make a wonderful snack and can give your blood sugar that quick boost it needs to help you make it until the next meal. I like to buy local berries at the farmer's market and wash them and place them in bowls in high traffic areas like the kitchen table and living room coffee table.


I've made my own ice cream and "nice cream" before. It's not as convenient as store-bought but I feel better making it myself because I can control the ingredients used. Nice cream is essentially ice cream made with frozen bananas and other frozen fruits. It can be made on a whim in your blender or, if you like have snacks on hand, prepped for convenience by pouring the mixture into reusable popsicle molds. There are some great recipe options on Chocolate Covered Katie.


There are some veggies I just gravitate towards in summer, and most of them are easy snacking: Snap peas, mini cucumbers, grape & cherry tomatoes, etc. The same principle applies to the berries, wash them and leave them easily accessible in a bowl out in the open or in the fridge.