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3 Activities that are Just Better in Summer

It's great to be active and out of the house all year round. However, there are just some activities that are so much better in summer. Here are three of my personal favourites. Feel free to add yours in the comments!


Swimming is wonderful exercise and thanks to community centers and gyms with indoor pools it can be done year round. But it's just so much better in summer! The weather is finally warm enough in summer for ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans to be a swimming option; and each of these locations have their own additional benefits. (Like no chlorine!) Even the most temperature sensitive person can enjoy swimming in summer when the water is at its warmest in the evening. I personally love the Great Lakes on a windy day, you can swim and sometimes even surf!


Now just to be clear, "ice cream" includes frozen yogurt, gelato, nice cream, vegan ice cream etc. (We all love ice cream.) I am that "Crazy Canuck" who craves ice cream in the middle of winter, but it feels like more of a treat in summer. It's so much easier to go out without the bulk of winter outerwear, and going out for ice cream usually means going out for other things too! Our little family loves to walk with our ice cream and watch ships come off the lake into the river. Going out for ice cream has also been a great opportunity to make new friends, because who doesn't love ice cream?


Scientifically speaking, sunsets are technically better in winter. (Weird, I know.) However, summer sunsets are more of an event. Summer sunsets are an excuse to stay out late, walk on the beach, and enjoy one of life's daily natural wonders. They're also a simple event. You go out and find the perfect spot, and then you get to revel. In a season that is often so busy going out to watch the sunset is a good excuse to slow down, relax, and just be.