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Healthy Halloween?

Halloween is a tricky time of year (no pun intended). Some families celebrate it and others do not. Some are all in for the spooky scary stuff, and others are just there to dress up and have fun. Some are out for all the candy they can get, and others want the fun but not the junk. Then there's allergies, doorbell protocol, how to deal with teenagers, etc. See what I mean? Halloween is tricky.

For those of you whose families will be dressing up and having fun with their communities, here are a few suggestions for a healthier Halloween.


So your children come home with buckets full of candy and you're done sorting through which ones are safe and which ones are not. Now what? Let them eat 20 pieces right before bed? If you want a healthier Halloween, then the answer is no. I did not trick or treat often growing up, but when I did we rationed. We had a limit on how many treats we could have per day and they were stored somewhere we could not reach. It's a great way to teach moderation and delayed gratification.

If your family's diet is really important and needs to be followed regardless of whatever holiday comes around, you may want to host a party instead. This way to can control the food that is served and you still get to have some fun and connect with friends and family. If people want to bring something, make a list of safe foods or just ask them to bring drinks.


Before you actually go out, make sure your kids are already full. This can help them resist to urge to snack while they're out trick or treating. Growing up we had a no snacking while trick or treating rule because it's really hard to inspect wrappers in the dark. So we usually had a big dinner right before going out and a little candy after coming home. AT THE DOOR If you don't keep sugary treats in your home but you still want to give out something for Halloween, there are a number of inexpensive alternatives you could give out: Stickers, temporary tattoos, small packs of crayons, small bottles of bubbles, fake teeth, funny glasses, etc. Check out your local dollar store or party supply store for more ideas! A QUIET NIGHT AT HOME

Some years our family did not want the fuss of getting dressed up and going out. If that's the case, why not plan a special family night in? We used to make some treats at home, watch a movie in the dark together during peak trick or treating, and then play board games until it was time to go to sleep. You don't always have to go out to have fun.

Have fun and stay safe everyone! If you have any other tips for a healthy Halloween, please leave them in the comments!

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